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Database Development
Every business stores information in one form or another. Even before computers entered the office, customer records were kept on paper or card indexes, stock information was written on forms and so on. Now, of course, such records benefit from the speed and efficiency of computers, but as with all things available 'off the shelf' they don't always do quite what you want.

If your business is to work at full efficiency, you need to be able to access your company data quickly and see reports that show how well you are performing. You need to be able to follow up sales enquiries, keep in touch with customers, send out special offers and so on.

In other words, you need to be using a database to store your information. We can develop applications that run on your PC as conventional applications, or that run safely on the internet allowing secure (password protected) access from wherever you are working.

Our first developments in the cloud were many years ago, long before the idea was even commonly discussed, and we feel sure we can offer the database development that will help your business grow, even in these less than ideal trading conditions.

Developments To Date
We have developed a variety of databases for companies across the UK as well as abroad. Systems developed include ones to track and manage the stock and its movements for a distribution company, the confidential recording of clients at a health clinic, management of books and writers for a publishing company.

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