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Over the years we have developed many websites for a wide range of businesses. Much of the work we have done is on sites used in the day to day running of businesses and these cannot be shown for obvious reasons. A few of our more conventional websites are shown here.


365 Accounts
Our new flagship accounts program. Fully featured and yet simple to use, offers the ideal solution for small to medium size businesses. Handles VAT, works with multiple currencies, ideal to use on a phone, tablet or a PC. Give it a tryout, you don't need to enter any financial details until after the trial period.

GREAT NEWS Until 23rd September 2018, anyone who signs up will have the whole system free for life. So there really is nothing to lose at all.

365 Budget
We all need to keep track of our finances and this is the application to do this. Works with multiple banks and is ideal for everyday use - on your phone, your tablet or your PC.

There is a free 30 day trial available, no financial details needed until after your trial, and then it is only £10 per year paid through PayPal.


LCM Villas
LCM Villas are a Vacation Rental management company and Real Estate Agents based near Alicante in Spain. With many high quality properties to manage, they needed a system to display them to their best advantage as well as one that looked after the day to day running of their business.

Initially we worked on developing the website and its associated management system. Once this was established we moved on to the system that is now running their business for them. Many hours of tedious paperwork have been saved with the change to the new system.

Incentax's clients benefit from a professional partnership offering a wide range of tax advice services to their own clients, including Capital Allowances, Land Remediation Relief and Research & Development Allowances.

Clients may vary from professional advisers to large property developers. They all have the same aim: to provide a professional tax advice service which delivers results. That’s why they trust Incentax to deliver reliable results, capable of full justification, sometimes several years after submission!


Casas Campello
Casas Campello are a very successful property sales company based in Coveta Fuma in the Costa Blanca area of Spain. In addition to the development of their website, we have also developed a complete system to manage their property portfolio as well as giving them the option to email directly to individual potential clients or to managed groups.

Since their original site, they have benefitted from several evolutions on their site and are now enjoying the benefits that the site is bringing to their growing business.

Tickled Squirrel
Tickled Squirrel is a UK company who produced the very successful English Language Ex Pat magazine in the region just north of Alicante. Their requirements were to have available every magazine they produced as easily downloadable pdf format files as well as all the magazines they produced when they were Mellow Magazine.

Online advertising of businesses was required as well as the ability to add classified ads.

In recent years, Tickled Squirrel ceased producing their magazine and a new Scotland based site is in the works.


Iscah Art And Photography
Argan Photography produce beautiful photographic images of sites and scenes around Europe, Morocco and Asia. In addition, the owner is also an author with several short stories under her belt.

Jeremy Smith - Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner
This site initially offered online sales of hypnotherapy recordings as well as books. A few years ago the site was changed to remove these as it was decided that one to one clinics are so much better than recordings ever can be.


Michaela Dane
A site developed for a paracelcus practitioner, completely in German.

The site has proved incredibly successful for the owner who now gives talks in many parts of the world.

Spanish Villa For Sale
An interesting development of a site aimed at selling a single property in Spain. The owner had experienced too many wasted calls from people who simply wanted to see this quite exceptional villa. To solve this he asked us to develop this site so prospective clients could get as much information as possible in order to determine if they wished to proceed further.

The depressed housing market in Spain and the ongoing recession (don't believe what you hear in the news about Spain's recovery) have combined to make a sale difficult.


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